POSTPONED - Norwich Murals Walk


  • Start 27th March 2020 17:00
  • End 27th March 2020 19:00
  • Type Other
  • Organiser Tim Wilby
  • Sign Up 2nd November 09:00 - 23rd March 2020 18:00
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Norwich Murals walk - advance information as at 31st Dec 2019. New date - so you can actually see the murals etc - the earlier original date proposed in January was too dark!

An activity without a canoe in sight!

A social walk , no more than 2 hours, round Norwich spotting the Norwich murals (many of which were funded by Norwich Business Improvement District) which most of us have probably just walked up by without noticing. Also a few sites showing the work of John Moray-Smith - Morgans brewery pub artist in the 1930's . Think 3D pictures, plaster reliefs on various exterior pub walls. poss even including a set inside a city pub - so be prepared to enter a pub!

Don't expect a high brow artistic commentary throughout although I'll be able to give you some basic information. I've recently done a similar walk with walking friends ending up with a meal and drink and had a good time. So whilst its not obligatory i'll be heading out for a meal , drink afterwards. If you're so minded come along as well.

Starting point - Norwich City hall - by the large main doors overlooking the Market.

To wet the appetite for the murals , not the meal afterwards ... can you recognise the mural below and know where it is?

Urban Art ยป Norwich Bid



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