Club Night - Christmas Paddle


  • Start 18th December 2019 18:30
  • End 18th December 2019 20:30
  • Type Club Night
  • Organiser John Davey
  • Sign Up 11th December 06:30 - 18th December 2019 05:30
Please note that times and locations may be subject to change.


Hi everyone, it’s that time of year again where we go for a jolly Holly Paddle on the river from the club to cow tower On Riverside Road. This trip is open To everyone So if you haven’t been on a trip before and you’re new to the club this would be a good one to start off with and get to know people. We will be doing the usual thing of getting to club at 6:30 and decorating our boats with lights and we normally have a bit of an in house contest going on about Who has the most lights on their boat and then head down Stream to cow tower.This trip is not boat specific so whatever you feel comfortable in paddling you may, obviously because of the time of year you will need to dress in appropriate paddle wear warm hats gloves and jackets will be a must although hopefully some of you may bring some mulled wine to drink and mince pies would be much appreciated as well for when we get to Cow-tower! ( optional of course) for those of you that are not very experienced there may be the opportunity to Tandem with a canoeist I personally am going to be tandem with someone and I would say if you’re new to this it would be a good option. If you are coming and you’re paddling a canoe solo at the moment but are willing to tandem with someone please can you leave me a message to that effect in the signup . If you would like to tandem with someone and currently don’t have a partner could you please do the same and leave me a message in the signup and I will do my best to try and sort this out for you, thank you to everyone involved and I will see you down at the club happy paddling



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