River/Route Clearance


  • Start 9th April 2019 09:30
  • End 9th April 2019 15:00
  • Type Other
  • Organiser Tim Wilby
  • Sign Up 3rd April 00:05 - 8th April 2018 18:00
Please note that times and locations may be subject to change.


Update 8th April 2019- river is a lot clearer than thought below - so can paddle from Bawburgh to Earlham bridge Ok . We will clear some overgrown areas to hopefully allow access throughout the summer, largest obstruction is just above earlham road bridge.

EAGLE DAY Activity - Tuesday 9 th April 2019

River clearance- during the day time - the idea will be to clear a route through a local river , hopefully enabling an easier passage for other canoeists at some point in the future. Its only suitable for a small group of paddlers/workers, NOT large numbers.

I'd like to try and come down the River Yare from Bawburgh towards Earlham Road bridge. . Last reports were that it was badly overgrown , preventing an easy passage, so its likely to be a bit of a slog. I'm planning on the basis of putting in at Bawburgh Green (by the bridge) , hoping the first section will be relatively clear, I believe its the section behind Colney Wood / burial grounds / The Lakes that is badly overgrown.

Be prepared for some portaging / getting in / out around obstructions which may prove too big to tackle!

Bring flask, packed lunch/ nibbles and work gloves, bush saw, lopppers , secateurs , rope , other hand tools which you are confident / able to use from a canoe. May pay to bring a trolley in case we have to walk out , admitting defeat in our clearance attempts.

Meet at the club - 0930 hrs for loading and departure to Bawburgh. Park up, unload, shuttle cars. I will probably aim to leave cars at Bowthorpe Southern park (I've used this car park before when working in the area) as it means the cars are a bit closer to the start then at Earlham Bridge (avoiding parking issues there as well) .

I suspect we will finish by early afternoon either through success or physical exhaustion!

On line sign up is available , please use it so i have an idea of who is coming.

Tim Wilby



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