Pool Rolling Clinic (Kayak Specific)


  • Start 14th November 2018 20:00
  • End 14th November 2018 22:00
  • Type Course
  • Organiser Jasmine Waters
  • Sign Up 15th October 00:00 - 7th November 2018 23:00
Please note that times and locations may be subject to change.


This is a rolling clinic specifically for those who have been trying to roll for some time but who are struggling (we may look to offer another session for beginners rolling later in the winter season). This will run over two sessions (14 & 28 Nov) and it would be anticipated that you are signing up for BOTH sessions should you sign up for this week. Spaces are limited to 10 as we are targeting a specific group of kayakers with this course who need significant 'in boat' time in the pool. Cost will be £4 per person for the 2 week course. If you are not sure if this is suitable for you or not please speak to me. (Note: There is a Friday night club pool session scheduled in the club calendar in between these dates if anyone wants to get some extra practice between these sessions) NB - ALL INDIVIDUALS WHO SIGN UP TO THIS CLINIC WILL BE ASSIGNED TO SHORTLIST INITIALLY UNTIL CONFIRMATION THAT THEY ARE OF THE APPROPRIATE LEVEL FOR THESE SESSIONS - no-one will automatically be assigned to attending!



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